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What is Vibranium Valley?

Silicon Valley is renowned for the innovative startups that emerge from its tech-centered ecosystem. And it's equally as well known for its lack of diverse founders and startups. Vibranium Valley's mission is to change this fact by providing intentional learning and community so that young learners from underserved and underrepresented groups can thrive--fully inspired and prepared to create a technological future to benefit ALL of us!

We have FREE lessons/courses, virtual events, and giveaways. Share your projects with others, find others with which to collaborate, and/or just hang out. Remember, it's FREE to join!

What Do We Offer?

FREE STEM Learning Resources

  • 4-hour DIY STEM Labs
  • Wakanda T.E.C.H. Academy (live class)
  • Office Hours--Math (live class)
  • Girl Genius (live show)
  • Hour of Code (live class)
  • OASIS Live shows (live interviews, STEM toy giveaways & reviews)
  • Channel 2.0 STEM News
  • Tech & Touch Pop-Ups (in-person, hands-on STEM experiences within the Columbus metro area)
  • and more!

About Us

Maurice Womack

Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur

Maurice Womack has over 15 years experience as a mechanical engineer. Maurice has held positions at Battelle, the Defense Logistics Agency, and MS Consultants. While at Battelle, his role as a research engineer afforded him the opportunity to design and develop advanced energetic systems and security technology for many agencies within the U.S. Department of Defense. Currently, Maurice is a lead engineer for the Defense Logistics Agency. He was also an adjunct instructor of Engineering Technology at Columbus State Community College (CSCC). His position at CSCC gave him great insight into student interest in engineering and he has implemented several SIMPLR® lessons in his classroom with great success.

Maurice has had a passion for engineering and technology since he was a child in Youngstown, OH. He was exposed, at a young age, to great science fiction series such as Star Trek® and Star Wars® and they inspired him to dream of creating the future. Maurice became interested in robotics by watching Transformers, GoBots, and Voltron; therefore, he understands the need to utilize Sci-Fi-Com to attract, inform, and inspire kids to imagine the future and to instill, in them, a passion for STEAM.

Dr. Erica Womack

Educator, Literacy Specialist

Erica is the co-founder and chief operating officer of OASIS. For four years, Erica worked as an Assistant Professor at Otterbein University where she taught language arts methods and literacy education courses to pre-service. In 2013, Erica earned her Ph.D. in Education from The Ohio State University while specializing in adolescent literacies, content area literacies, critical pedagogy, and urban education. Prior to entering the doctoral program, Erica worked as a high school English Language Arts teacher for five years and as a Specific Learning Disabilities tutor for one year in the Columbus City Schools district.

Erica has worked with students at every secondary grade level (9-12) and has taught courses that include American Literature, British Literature, World Humanities, and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.

Our Mission

Universal Access! We want to empower STEAM kids, parents, and teachers with the connections and knowledge to be successful in a STEM based world. We're providing an online space to learn and collaborate with like-minded persons who also value STEM. Join us!

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